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Destiny Magana-Pablo

Destiny is passionate about achieving student success and promoting health and wellness practices within and across BIPOC communities. She has extensive experience supporting students and families in her previous roles as a Telecounselor and College Advocate Mentor, and that dedication continues with ELM. She comes from a long line of strong women: immigrant women, indigenous women, mothers, Latina power, and matriarchs. Throughout her career, racial equity and collective action is at the forefront.

Why is early learning important?

Early Learning is vital to the future of our communities. Wisdom must be passed down to children in the hope that prosperity and innovation continue. Early Learning provides the roots for identity, mindset, and community growth.

Ask Destiny about:

Coordinated Enrollment, Multnomah Education Initiative Coordinator, traveling on a budget, cooking recipes for any situation, self-care practices, and opinions on main characters.