We envision a world where families, healthcare professionals, preschool teachers, principals, policymakers, community leaders, and neighbors work together to give every child what they need to learn and grow.

It's our job to connect the right people and organizations to create this strong network of support for families in our priority population.

Dozens of partners across the county collaborate with Early Learning Multnomah—partners in housing, healthcare, government, K-12 schools, child care, and culturally specific services. We challenge, inspire and support each of them to build an early learning system that authentically serves children and families without bias or discrimination.  

We work with our partners in three ways: 

  • We invest in partners who deliver high-priority services for low-income children and children of color. 
  • We convene partners to ensure services are effective, solve specific issues, and identify new opportunities to better support children and families.
  • We listen to our partners’ expertise, and share lessons from their successes.

Explore our current investments and affiliated partners.