Kindergarten Teacher Home Visits

What it is:
Kindergarten teachers from schools across the County meet with new students and their families as they transition into kindergarten.

Why it’s important:
When teachers and families have a chance to build a positive relationship, children are more successful in school. This work recognizes that parents and teachers are co- educators and partners in supporting students. Home visits allow parents and teachers to establish a connection early on, so parents feel more comfortable in the school environment. Home visits also help teachers get to know children—their interests, siblings, pets, etc.—so they can make learning more meaningful and personal. This is especially important for children and families of color, and families from immigrant and refugee communities.

How it works:
Teachers spend about thirty minutes with each family in the family’s home. They talk with parents about their hopes and dreams for their child, interact with the child and get to know them in a more comfortable environment.

In the 2017-2018 school year, teachers from 21 schools visited with 562 families.

Kindergarten teacher home visits in Multnomah County follow the model of the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, an organization that supports this work across the country.