Preschool Promise

What it is:
Preschool Promise is established state investment in publicly funded preschools. It funds more high-quality preschool options for families who haven’t had them before.


Why it’s important:
Low-income children and children of color are less likely to have the chance to attend a high-quality preschool—so they’re often less prepared for success in school and life. That’s why ELM invests Preschool Promise funds in programs that serve children of color, implement culturally relevant practices, and prioritize family engagement.


How it works:
ELM is working with culturally relevant providers in a variety of settings, including schools, childcare programs, and Head Starts to offer local, high-quality preschool to families. In all, there are many new preschool openings in Multnomah County. The new openings will be available to:

  • Low-income families and families of color living at or below 200% FPL
  • Families with children ages 3 and 4
  • Children currently on waiting lists for other publicly funded preschool options
  • Families served by DHS (TANF and child welfare)


ELM is one of sixteen hubs total to receive funds and support from the State of Oregon in 2020/2021. In summer of 2020, ELM selected providers and helped them get set up for success in their first year as a Preschool Promise site.


What’s next:
The new preschool slots open to families in fall 2020/2021. ELM will collaborate with the other early learning hubs to maximize learning and impact all across the northwest region.


Selected Sites: 
These selected sites are receiving funding in the 2020/2021 school year:

  • Alder Montessori
  • All Families Welcome, LLC — Download PDF
  • Boise Elliott Elementary School
  • CAIRO Academy
  • Children’s Elite Home — Download PDF
  • Child’s View Montessori School
  • Earl Boyles Elementary School — Download PDF
  • Earl Boyles Preschool (English and Spanish) — Download PDF
  • Fabion Elementary School
  • The Finch Academy
  • Gifted Gardens Montessori, LLC — Download PDF
  • Harmony Montessori School — Download PDF
  • Lorenza’s Childcare — Download PDF
  • Lovely Kids Daycare LLC
  • Mill Park Elementary School — Download PDF
  • Mt. Hood Community College Head Start
  • Neighborhood House — Ramona Center — Download PDF
  • Neighborhood House — Stephens Creek Crossing Center — Download PDF
  • Oregon Child Development Coalition — Download PDF
  • Parkrose Montessori School — Download PDF
  • Portland Community College–Sylvania Campus Child Development Center — Download PDF
  • Pequeñitos Daycare LLC — Download PDF  
  • Pequeños Exploradores Spanish Immersion Daycare — Download PDF
  • The Portland Montessori School — Download PDF
  • Shaver Teaching Preschool — Download PDF
  • Tender Loving Care — Download PDF
  • Village Childcare Enterprises, LLC

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in Preschool Promise

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