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Census 2020 and #WeCountOregon

The census is a constitutionally mandated count of all residents of the United States, including immigrants (documented and undocumented), refugees, and Tribal members. The census dictates State and federal funding allocation and congressional representation. Many key safety net programs are funded via the census data including SNAP, school lunches, section 8 housing, Head Start, Pell grants, short-term rental assistance, medical assistance programs, and more. According to the Census Bureau, Oregon’s population has grown by 8.1 percent since 2010. If the current population estimates hold, Oregon stands to gain increased federal assistance and an additional congressional seat in if we are able to achieve an accurate count.

#WeCountOregon is a coordinated statewide effort working in rural and urban communities around Oregon to ensure that the Census is equitable, fair, and just, and that every Oregonian is counted. 

 The Census Equity Funders Committee of Oregon (CEFCO) is raising $10 million to support  the campaign to reach out to communities that are more likely to be undercounted.  United Way of the Columbia Willamette is serving as the backbone organization for CEFCO. Dancing Hearts Consulting, LLC is the lead organization for the campaign.

 There are a number of communities that #WeCountOregon will do a greater level of outreach to in order to make sure they are not undercounted in the census, including:

·      People of color

·      Native Americans

·      Children under 5

·      Immigrants

·      People with limited English proficiency


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For more information on CEFCO: Click Here

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