P-3 funds supporting families

Story Provided by Multnomah County's SUN Service Program and P-3 Coordinators

Written by Isabel Mora

I have a family that has been participating in the P-3 program for the last 4 years now and 2 of those years with me when I took over the P-3 Coordinator position. I have been able to support this family not only with providing Play and Learn activities for their student, but I have been able to support with client assistance, resources for food and medical assistance. Before COVID hit, I was providing in person Play and Learn groups for her and her students. Once COVID hit, we moved to virtual Play and Learn groups. Every 2 months I would deliver activity boxes for her student to keep being involved with the program, 2-3 times a week I would meet virtually with them and do activities, I also have been creating bilingual videos like story time, art time and educational videos for them to watch at home while doing the activities given to them. They are always sending me pictures and videos of the amazing work they do at home with the activities given to them so I can see that they are staying engaged in the classes.

Thanks to the funding we received I was also able to support them with some gift cards throughout the last 2 years. With mom being a stay-at-home mom to her 2 daughters. Unfortunately, her husband got very ill from many different health problems, and she was very overwhelmed with having to provide for everyone especially since her oldest daughter also was dealing with some health problems. Thanks to the funding we received I was able to help with paying some bills and helping with gas for their trips to the doctor. I was able to help with scheduling some deliveries of fresh food from our free food market here at Wilkes Elementary and other schools once a month the day’s she couldn’t attend while her husband recovered. I was also able to guide them to other resources at other schools so they could get more food if needed throughout the month and activities for her family to be engaged at home. This family has always been very grateful for all the help they have received from the Play and Learn group here at Wilkes and mom is always messaging me to thank us for always supporting her and her family. Even though her daughter is now attending kindergarten they still watch the videos that P-3 makes and send me pictures of the activities they are doing at home. I still get messages of gratitude and they still participate in our parent activities, for example her family attended the Children’s Day celebration we had at the end of the school year, they participate when we have virtual family game nights and classes and much more.

I am very thankful to have been able to help this family and to keep them active in their children’s education throughout these years.

Wilkes Elementary-Reynolds School District

P-3 Coordinator: Isabel Mora

Partner Agency: El Programa Hispano Catolico