Preschool Promise Supporting Families

Our Preschool Promise providers, families, and Coordinated Enrollment team ended the year strong! Students, families and teaching staff endured the pandemic and it's effects for two years, and we admire their steadfast commitment to teaching and protecting children. The Parkrose Montessori Preschool graduation reflects the resilience of our early learning educators and families with many happy faces at graduation ceremony. There was an abundance of laughter and tears of joy as teachers handed certificates to children, who were grinning ear to ear beaming with pride.

Preschool Promise is currently open for applications for school year 2022-23. We will be back in Fall refreshed and energized.

Speaking of applications, we are thrilled to announce that we have launched a new application portal with UpBup. You can access the Preschool Promise Application and information on the ELM Preschool Promise Page. The Coordinated Enrollment Team worked directly with UpBup development to ensure the application process was easy and accessible to families. The new application portal was designed to be mobile friendly for families on the go. Families can find out how to get to each preschool provider from a map via public transit, car, or walking when selecting preferences. Each school’s profile and websites is also connected so families can be sure the services will meet their needs. The UpBup application has 7 vetted language translations in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Somali, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese (Mandarin) with 10 more to come this upcoming year. Our goal is to always remove any barriers and challenges families may face, especially for families from historically marginalized communities. Their needs and feedback comes first and is prioritized when system building. Our hope is that this new application portal assists more families to access quality preschools.

Preschool graduation group photo
Preschool graduate receiving diploma
Preschool graduate holding diploma
Child walks graduation
Child receives diploma
Speech during preschool graduation festivities