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Presenting ELM's New Logo

We are so excited to share our new logo with you.

We’ll admit it—when Early Learning Multnomah (ELM) started in 2014, designing a logo wasn’t high on our list of priorities. That's because we knew we had to dig immediately into making strategic investments, building powerful partnerships, and lifting up family voice. 

But today, here we are! We are now ready to share our new look with you—our partners, friends and allies in this work. And we’re looking forward to having an easily recognizable way for folks to “see” all the places we connect in our community.

We won’t bore you with the details of how we landed where we did, or the many options we explored (though feel free to ask us, if you’re curious!). We’d simply like to share what this new logo means to us and to the families on our Parent Accountability Council (PAC).

The ELM butterfly represents: 

  • Transformation—Children grow, learn and change by leaps and bounds in the early years. We need an early learning system that grows and transforms too, so that it can better serve all children and families. 
  • Diversity—Our community is colorful. Celebrating and valuing that diversity makes the world more beautiful. "It represents all of us—the different colors of a butterfly." 
  • Action—Our work is urgent. We are in constant motion and must make continual progress toward our goals. “We are flying so fast.”
  • Connection—We bring people and organizations together to tackle intractable problems in new ways. We co-create solutions with families and collaborate across multiple sectors in our county. The overlapping lines forming the butterfly represent these connecting streams of work focused on a collective goal.
  • Boldness—We are fiercely committed to children and families. Our families must be seen and heard—loudly and clearly. That's the only way we'll successfully transform our early learning system. 

Get in touch and let us know if you need our logo files, or if you just want to share what the ELM’s new logo means to you!