Success in Culturally Specific Girl Scouts Program

Story Provided by Multnomah County's SUN Service Program and P-3 Coordinators 

P-3 Coordinator Sandra Guerrero started a pilot program last spring where she partnered with the Girls Scout-Daisy Petals program to provide a culturally specific Girl Scouts program in Spanish primarily for kindergartners and first grade students. Twelve families participated. It was held virtually and was a true success as they were able to achieve goals that were set for the students.  Students were able to engage with each other by working on a kit project as a team, practice Girl Scout traditions, sell cookies and learn. Families reported that their girls enjoyed the activities very much. The students and families developed positive relationships between the scout leaders and each other. Parents are aware that there are not too many opportunities out there that support kindergarten DLI Learners. Due to its success this program will be offered again in the fall to reach more families and expand the opportunity.

Highland Elementary-Gresham Barlow School District

P-3 Coordinator: Sandra Guerrero

Partner Agency: El Programa Hispano Catolico

Girls Scouts Program